Our Rail specific attachments include


Scarifiers prepare the track area for new sleepers without damaging the existing consolidated earthen formation. Designed and built by RLA to high engineering standards. These units have been well proven in the field. Sort after by rail companies, our scarifiers deliver a high-quality product. Suitable for Broad- or Standard-gauge.

Undercutting bars

The perfect attachment for cleaning contaminated ballast from under the track, without needing to remove the rail or sleepers. Commonly used for mud hole reconditioning.

Ballast ploughs

Several profiles are available depending on the requirement. Able to be mounted on our excavators they are great for shaping ballast during distribution and dressing shoulders. Manufactured in house and can be custom built to suit clients’ requirements.

Ballast Brooms

Our brooms are ideal for clearing ballast from around rail fastenings and are often used before re-sleepering and following a ballast discharge or ballast regulating. Fitted to our Hi-rail excavators and available for any track gauge.

“Fast clip” attaching head

Designed and built in our fabrication shop, this unit securely holds the concrete sleeper against the rail as it locks the “E” clip into place.

Rail scrubbers

Fitted to our Hi-rail excavators, the rail scrubbers’ clean contamination from the head and running edge of the rail. Useful for removing leaf litter, vegetation, millipedes, surface rust and other solid matter.

Sleeper handler (Octopus)

4 and 6 grab handlers are available. Accurate bulk placement of concrete sleepers during new construction works or track up-grade projects.

Hydraulic Chainsaw & Grab

Mounted on our excavators these attachments have a chainsaw and incorporated grab, ideal for holding and cutting tree branches and trunks. An essential item for managing trees along the rail corridor and around structures.


Suitable for either tracked or wheeled excavators, our grooming heads are versatile for vegetation control ranging from stripping Blackberry growth, either green or dead, to chipping trees in situ. Used in conjunction with our excavator fitted chain saw, they make a great combination.

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